Learn to create beauty by hand.

All Hands is both a community and a handcraft school in downtown Santa Cruz, California. If you've ever had the urge to design and create your own textiles, jewelry and home decor, but just needed some guidance and the commitment to follow through, you'll love our workshops! Our teachers are crazy talented and down-to-earth and all share a passion for skillful, handmade living.

Craft as wellness

Taking time for creative expression is good for our physical and mental health. The gentle challenge and soothing rhythms that working with our hands invites makes it powerful medicine for our digitally saturated lifestyles. Making, like meditation, can bring us into to present moment, remind us of the resilience of our ancestors, and empower us to consciously shape our future.

2020 is a year like no other in recent times. All Hands strives to be a resource for you and the community to safely find connection and delight through craft, art and design.

Featured in UPPERCASE

In fall 2019 All Hands was featured is Issue 43 of UPPERCASE, an uplifting magazine for the creative and curious.

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