All Hands' schedule of workshops and classes is on pause until further notice.

Greetings from Craftcation!

Dear Makers,

I'm writing to you from Ventura Beach, California, where my mother and I are attending a 5 day marathon of a conference called Craftcation. It is a summit for craft enthusiasts and small business owners who come to immerse themselves in an awesome variety of creative workshops and business think tanks. 

Since arriving yesterday afternoon, we've learned how to make espadrilles, brick stitch beaded earrings, citric acid dyed textiles and crepe paper flowers. Naturally, I'm thinking about what new kinds of workshops I can bring back to All Hands. But more importantly, I'm here to enjoy quality time with my first art teacher and creative enabler - Mom. 

Thanks to her, I grew up with a deep seated sense that what I could envision, I could create. This is what my mother modeled for my siblings and me when she sewed everything from our curtains to our Halloween costumes and helped us paint whimsical murals in our bedrooms and on the side of the garage. Inspiration would strike for a new project and her reliable response was at once a mantra and an affirmation: "We can do that!"

Sitting around the table in this morning's earrings workshop, each woman shared the central role their mothers played in their creative education from a very young age. I suppose it's not surprising, but I still find it worth acknowledging - mothers as the original makers in our lives. 

How about for you? How has your mother influenced your creativity? If not your mom, who have been your central creative ancestors? How do you honor them (not just on "official" holidays, but on the beautifully ordinary days as well)?

In community,



PS. There is still some space available in this weekend’s workshops:

Watercolor Florals with Jessica Pidcock // 10am Sat

Vertical Succulent Gardens with Margot Robison // 2pm Sat

Social Media Photography 101 with Kate Shriner // 2pm Sun