All Hands' schedule of workshops and classes is on pause until further notice.

Meet the Makers | Dana + Rhiannon

Hi there! 

Collaborating with awesome local makers is one of my absolute favorite parts of this adventure called All Hands. Today I'm psyched to share with you a video of a conversation that friends and makers, Dana and Rhiannon, had in the studio this week. (Fun fact: They actually met while working as preschool teachers! 👶) I highly recommend you take 15 minutes and give yourself the treat of getting to know these two creative beings a little better. I personally resonated with a lot of what they had to say about making space and time to create and learning to go with the flow. 🌊

Don't miss their macrame and hammered brass earrings workshops at All Hands this summer. And follow their joyful and inspiring Instagram feeds: @wildermacrame and @handmade_jewelrhi. It's a small but meaningful way to support local makers and entrepreneurs, especially if you can leave a heartfelt comment now and again. 💖

In community,

PS. Rhiannon is our featured First Friday artist on July 5th, a week from today! She'll have supplies on hand for you to make polymer clay earrings and beads for *free* (as taster for an upcoming workshop)! Come check it out and soak up the studio's amazing summer sunset vibes from 6 to 8:30pm. 🌅✨

PPS. It's almost July?! Here's what's on deck at the studio:
Hammered Brass and Tassel Earrings - Sat Jun 29 (few spots left!)
Avocado Dyeing - Sun Jun 30 (few spots left!)
Sew a Tote - Sat July 6
Watercolor Florals - Sun July 7
Calligraphy for Teens - Tues July 9 (4 part class)
Introduction to Letterpress - Tues July 9 (4 week class)
Intro to Bullet Journaling - Thurs July 11
Resin Ocean Waves - Sat July 13
Leather Clutch and Key Fob - Thurs July 18