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Summer reading list ‚ú®ūüďö

Today is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice!¬†ūüĆěūüĆŅ

How do you like spending all these dreamy lingering daylight hours? For me, it's evening strolls and sinking into a good old-fashioned book or magazine. By old-fashioned I mean the ones with paper pages that you turn.¬†ūüėĄ¬†Don't get me wrong, e-books and audiobooks are my jam when I'm on the go, but whenever I can, I love the weight and steadiness of something that was printed and bound.¬†

Some of the teens who are in my cursive, calligraphy and brush lettering class have a summer reading list that was assigned by their teachers - classic titles considered worthy of a well-rounded education. It occurred to me that I could curate my own summer reading list, based on themes that currently captivate me: creativity, community, craft and wellness. So here goes:

  • Craftfulness:¬†Mend Yourself by Making Things¬†by Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin (currently reading and loving)
  • Creative Quest¬†by Questlove
  • We Inspire Me:¬†Cultivate Your Creative Crew to Work, Play and Make¬†by Andrea Pippins
  • Craft & Practice:¬†Meditations on Creativity and Ethics¬†by Lise Silva Gomes
  • Baskets:¬†Projects, techniques and inspirational designs for you and your home¬†by Tabara N'Diaye (for future workshops?!)
  • Crafted:¬†A Compendium of Crafts - New, Old and Forgotten¬†by¬†Sally Coulthard and¬†Louise Lockhart
  • Creativity:¬†The Psychology of Discovery and Invention¬†by¬†Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (started but never finished, definitely want to pick it back up)
  • Cr√¶ft:¬†An Inquiry Into the Origins and True Meaning of Traditional Crafts¬†by Alexander Langlands
  • Why We Make Things and Why It Matters:¬†The Education of a Craftsman¬†by Peter Korn
  • Uppercase¬†magazine (tagline is 'For the Creative and Curious'!)
  • Flow¬†magazine (yummiest illustrations and paper goodies)
  • Good Company¬†magazine (showcases diverse women-led creative enterprises)
  • Big Magic¬†by Elizabeth Gilbert (to reread)
  • and of course,¬†The Artist's Way:¬†A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity¬†by Julia Cameron (with the new summer cohort that meets tomorrow!)

How about you? What does Seraj want to read more of/about this season? Please send me your recommendations, craft related or otherwise!

To a creatively abundant and well-read summer,

PS. You can find most of what's on my list at our awesome local, independent bookstore Bookshop Santa Cruz, where it is not uncommon to spot me circling like a shark in the arts/crafts/design/home improvement section.¬†ūüé®ūü¶ąūü§£

PPS. Here's what's on the horizon at the studio:
Watercolor Florals - Sun Jun 23
Hammered Brass and Tassel Earrings - Sat Jun 29
Avocado Dyeing - Sun Jun 30
Sew a Tote - Sat July 6