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Why It's Okay No One Threw Me a Birthday Party ��

Dear Makers,

Yesterday was my birthday. My family and I did not do anything particularly festive to mark the occasion, but I’m okay with that. I think the reason I’m okay with it is because we’ve been riding an awesome wave of things to celebrate around here, and a sweet counterpoint to all the activity is time to breathe and reflect.

But perhaps more than this, I think my contentment is related to a commitment to going on a solo date with my inner artist at least once a week. Artist dates are one of the basic tools for creative recovery and well-being prescribed by Julia Cameron in her highly esteemed book/course ‘The Artist’s Way’.

These dates are meant to be delightful detours from our daily routine, a way to replenish our well of inspiration. Like a birthday gift you give yourself 52 times a year. They can be as simple as meandering through a bookstore or as extravagant as a spontaneous vacation. As frivolous as playing with childhood toys or as profound as meditating in a house of worship.

For the past 10 Monday nights, a group has been gathering at All Hands to move through ‘The Artist’s Way’ together and use its principles to expand our creativity. We’ve got a singer/songwriter, fashion designer, calligrapher, dancer, portrait artist and people looking for a more creative lifestyle overall.

It’s always a highlight for me to hear the artists dates everyone went on that week, and at this point, we’ve grown an impressive list of experiences: building a fish tank, flower arranging, a massage, a live concert, thrifting, a walk in the redwoods, a trip to Tulum, just to name a few…

One of the ladies in last weekend’s cake decorating workshop (a first timer to All Hands) shared that the workshop was her artist’s date for the week. My heart skipped a beat. Yes! This is the resource I want All Hands to be for people. A playspace for your inner artist. A creative party for one and many. Because if birthdays are a celebration of life and living, why limit ourselves to just one a year?

In community,



PS. You can enter our giveaway of a year’s worth of free workshops by emailing photos of anything you’ve made at All Hands to by Thursday, April 18th at midnight PST.

PPS. The header is a sneak peek pencil sketch of the new logo!