Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor
Driftwood Decor

Driftwood Decor

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Learn to create beautiful and unique driftwood decor, perfect for your home or gift giving! Explore how to incorporate airplants, color, yarn or leave your driftwood natural and ready to display!

In this workshop, we will:

  • Safe ways of prepping, sanding, carving, drilling driftwood
  • Design and decorating techniques
  • Incorporating and mounting airplants with driftwood
  • Hanging and display tips and tricks

The following supplies are included:

  • A variety of driftwood pieces
  • Practice wood pieces
  • Use of tools and consumables: marking materials, sandpaper, basic router, hand-sander, hand-drill & drivers, wood carving tools, glue, yarn, small-medium airplants, tea light candles, paint & brushes
  • Resources hand-out
  • Gloves
  • Protective eye-wear

You can bring:

  • Comfortable work clothes
  • Your own special piece(s) of driftwood if you prefer
  • Preferred working gloves
  • Your own choice of yarn if you have preferred colors

You will go home with

  • 1-3 finished hanging or table-top driftwood pieces (one airplant per person), and the inspiration and knowledge to create my driftwood decor on your own!

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Stephanie Rapisardo

Stephanie is a former early childhood educator and freelance artist specializing in hyper realistic portraiture. With a lifelong passion for design, a degree in Fine Arts, and inspiration from 15 years in the field of ECE, she's interested in the ways creative expression informs the human experience. Through personal growth and her experiences working closely with young children, she's come to understand that creating is a natural state and a crucial part of healing and self-care. Stephanie's grateful for a community where she can both learn from fellow creatives as well as facilitate experiences that support that self-care. Whether it’s through her graphite portraits, design work or handmade goods Stephanie's mission is to positively impact her community and the individuals that she share her passion with.

Website: lineandpaper.com

IG: @line_and_paper