Spoon Carving
Spoon Carving
Spoon Carving
Spoon Carving
Spoon Carving

Spoon Carving

Inka Petersen
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Learn how to carve a spoon using three basic, old school tools: axe, knife and hook knife.

What you will learn in this class:

  • safe ways of using an axe and knives to shape a piece of wood into one of world's oldest utensils
  • design, carving and sharpening techniques
  • the kolrosing decorating technique
The following supplies are included:
  • use of tools and consumables: axe, knife, hook knife, exacto knife, pencils, sandpaper, oil, coffee grounds for kolrosing
  • practice wood
  • spoon billet (a chunk of wood to make your spoon out of)
  • finger protectors
  • band-aids
  • technique hand-out
  • resources hand-out

You can bring:

  • comfortable work clothes
  • closed shoes
  • reading glasses (if you need them)
You will go home with:
  • at least one spoon
  • technique hand-out
  • resources hand-out
  • hopefully the inspiration to carve more!


This is a three session class. 

Session one will familiarize everyone with the tools and materials, and prepare the spoon blank out of soft Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

After a week's break, when we have had time to think about our own personal design, we'll carve the spoon in session two and try working with some harder woods.

The techniques used apply to greenwood carving. Inka chooses to teach with seasoned softwood because she doesn't want to fell a tree for every class. She likes to work with found greenwood. You will easily be able to use the same techniques on any greenwood you can find.

Inka Petersen

Inka is a boat builder and cabinet maker initially trained in Germany. Her interest in traditional wooden boat building brought her to indigenous craft, oar making and paddle carving. Since there is no way to store hundreds of paddles, she started carving spoons, using cutoffs from work. She now is carving spoons with a passion previously unknown to her, studying their use and function. It's crazy fun and very satisfying. With an education in both, woodworking and fine arts, she is constantly working on passing on her knowledge while making a living, creating community, and exploring expressive opportunities.

IG: @i.p.wood, @Godewind_boat_shop