All Hands Manifesto


The human soul craves to create beautiful objects by hand. All Hands was born of this craving and exists to build creative capacity through the teaching and learning of handcrafts, art and design.


Creativity, far from being an elusive trait, is actually a practice and a path that belongs to us all. Creativity finds its highest expression in service to humanity. All Hands strives to serve the community by being an environment in which people can experience the well-being that comes from a creative practice.


Good craftsmanship can teach us a lot about social harmony and mutual support. When the various components of a handmade artifact or work of art all reinforce each other, we have oneness. Beautiful things - like beautiful communities - are beautiful because they have achieved this oneness - a unity in the diversity of their constituent parts.


In our screen-saturated society, it is a radical and responsible act to reclaim the pace of our lives and opt for genuine face-to-face connection. Our workshops aspire to offer something tangible, tactile, meditative and life-giving. They are a chance to come together and come into the present moment, in order to woo a calmer way of life that is at once centered and joyful, playful and profound.


The naming of All Hands was intentional in its nautical allusion to the crew of a ship. The dictionary definition of ‘all hands’ is ‘everyone engaged in the same pursuit’. May the humble efforts we make with our hands prompt us to recognize that we belong to each other and that we are, in fact, in the same boat.


Our logo represents the open hands of a maker at once conjuring and receiving the magic and healing latent in the creative process. They are a symbol of the verb 'to manifest', which comes from the Latin root 'manus' meaning hand. May All Hands be a site for manifesting true prosperity, for ourselves and the world.


We believe in making.