Botanical Skin Care
Botanical Skin Care
Botanical Skin Care
Botanical Skin Care
Botanical Skin Care
Botanical Skin Care
Botanical Skin Care

Botanical Skin Care

Liz Hodges
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Learn how to care for your skin naturally with plants and go home with your own botanical infusions!

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • a natural approach to skin care

  • how various herbs work to treat skin imbalances

  • how to select, harvest and dry specific herbs

  • how to craft your own botanical infusions for skin care recipes

The following supplies are included:

  • an assortment of organic herbs

  • local extra virgin olive oil

  • jars

You will go home with:

  • handouts with herbal monographs and recipe

  • three 8 oz jars of botanical infusions


Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, making up about 16% of our body weight! In this workshop, you will learn a natural approach to caring for your skin with plants and how various herbs work to treat imbalances and skin conditions. Learn how to select, harvest and dry specific herbs, craft your own botanical oil infusions with an array of provided herbs, and leave with three jars of infusions that you may use as desired, or bring to the next workshop on salve and lip balm making. All materials provided, including handouts with your recipe and herbal monographs.

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Liz Hodges

Elizabeth (Liz) Hodges, owner of Verdant California, is an herbalist specializing in natural skin care, an avid baker and a freelance writer. Back in 2013, when she was studying International Environmental Policy in grad school, Liz moved onto some rural property in south Santa Cruz county and started her own garden. Deciding that the best thing she could do for the world was to make herself happy, she chose to create the life she wanted. She took a leave of absence, raised chickens and goats, and immersed herself in a DIY lifestyle, starting a homesteading blog and studying horticulture, then herbalism, which she holds a certificate in. Now based in downtown Santa Cruz, she loves walking to the farmers market and dreams of having chickens again someday. She's inspired by her community and excited to share what she's learned with others, while continuing her lifelong pursuit of plant knowledge.


IG: @verdant.california