Herbalism & DIY First Aid balm

Céline Jennison
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Learn to kickstart your very own home apothecary!

In this workshop, we will:

  • We'll start by taking a look at (and trying to recognize!) some common plants that can be used to cure every-day ailments.
  • You'll learn different forms of herbal remedies you can use for your home apothecary
  • We'll go over things such as tinctures, poultices, teas, infusions, macerations, inhalations etc.
  • We'll gather some fresh herbs from terra-cotta potted plants as well as dried herbs and convene to make a herbal salve (aka DIY first aid balm).
  • The salve you will take home for external use can replace that old neosporin hiding in the first aid drawer !
  • If time permits, we'll go over a few medicinal mushrooms you might want to consider incorporating into your diet.

The following supplies are included:

  • Fresh and dried plants
  • Herbalism and foraging books to browse
  • All materials needed to make a herbal healing salve
  • An assortment of tinctures, essential oils, dried plants, teas ... that you can take note of to include in your herbal first aid kit
  • A little pouch and printed recipe for the take-home salve + travel tin

You can bring:

  • bring a notebook !

You will go home with:

  • You'll have the knowledge to start designing your very own home apothecary to cure every-day ailments
  • You go home with two topical salves: one in a glass container and one travel-size metal tin that you can take with you to help heal wounded and dry skin even on the most extreme of adventures!
  • You'll learn the best places to source ingredients to build your home apothecary

Céline Jennison

A water-woman and plant enthusiast, Céline is a regenerative lifestyle evangelist and outdoor educator. She has been making her own medicine and cosmetics since the age of 12, volunteering on countless organic permaculture farms to better understand how we can harness the power of nature to feed the world sustainably. 
In 2014, debuting as a Master student in Environmental Science, she co-founded the non-profit Plastic Tides to help combat a global epidemic: plastic pollution. Céline leads workshops and expeditions around the world, encouraging people embark on their own 'Zero Waste Voyage' and live a holistic lifestyle in tune with nature. 
Today, Céline runs the social enterprise ANATO — Regenerative body care made with tree crops for people wanting, pure socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint.


IG: @anatolife @ZeroWasteVoyage