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We are delighted that you will be teaching a workshop at All Hands! To aid us in promoting your workshop and listing it on, we ask that you please fill out the sections below. Feel free to review workshops page for inspiration.

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Workshop Details
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eg. "Learn how to make ..." or "Get crafty in this 2 hour collage workshop."
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Workshop Logistics
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The teacher is responsible for purchasing workshop materials and sharing their receipts with All Hands Workshops (photos of hard copies or screenshots of online purchases). Receipts should be submitted no later than 24 hours after completion of the workshop.
Would you like to offer refreshments beyond the simple refreshments that All Hands can provide? *
All Hands will provide simple, healthy refreshments, such as tea, water, some fruit and crackers, unless you would prefer to offer something more specific to your brand or event. Note: All Hands has a no alcohol policy.
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What's the best number to reach you?